Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Hope y’all have a great Easter weekend :)

I will not make a recipe post for this cupcake, cause it was not the yummiest… but if you really wanna know, it is Betty Crocker strawberry cupcake with a cream cheese frosting made with butter (1 stick), cream cheese (8oz), confectioner’s sugar (3 cups) and a few drops of butter-vanillia.

See you on monday with a new post!

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White eyeliner: yay or nay?

White eyeliner: yay or nay?

White eyeliner

I’m not the biggest makeup fan. I always wear the same products and I hate owning more than 3 colors of the same product (Except lipstick! I think I own every single shade of the CoverGirl flipstick!). And I do not use eyeliner! But there is something about this white shade that makes me wanna go and try it. Would not use it inside, as my eyes start crying like if I had just finished The…

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Coachella Street Style

Coachella Selena Gomez[left]Elle Diane Kruger Street style Coachella 2014[/left][right]Coachella Street style 2014[/right][left]Coachella Harley Viera Newton[/left][right]Coachella Nadine Leopold and Alyssah Alino[/right]Coachella street style

Coachella back jewelry

Alexandra Chando and Lanni Langdon Coachella[left]Elle Coachella Street Style[/left][right]Street style coachella[/right][left]Coachella Long skirt outfit[/left][right]Coachella long kimono[/right]Cochella Day 2 Alessandra

Coachella outfits[left]Coachella[/left]

[right]Elle Coachella[/right]

Festival fashion

I always wonder whether I would love or hate going to Coachella. I know I would love to play dress up for it, but as I like Country music and I’m not a huge fan of big crowds, I really do not think I would be the jolly-est me over there.…

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Sugar cookies with icing

Sugar cookies with icing

Sugar cookies with icing

Last night I baked the yummiest sugar cookies with icing! I gotta admit that I’m horrible at baking homemade cookies. Of course I can do the box ones… but whenever I do them from scratch, they are just horrible! Las Christmas I baked 5 different kind of cookies, and they all ended up in the garbage. One actually became yummy after 5 days… but ewww?!

Anyways! Yesterday I realized I have way too…

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MyMuesli schlanker leben

mymuesli schlanker leben plan

mymuesli cereal

Mymuesli schlanker leben

I can’t believe I finished the MyMuesli schlanker leben plan! It was a six week plan, that ended up lasting longer. This was mostly because I had smaller portions than the recommended ones. Only the first day I had as much as they suggest, and I was soooo full!

I would recommend this plan to anyone trying to loose a little weight or that’s interested on adapting healthier eating habits.…

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Outfit: Ripped knee jeans

Outfit: Ripped knee jeans

Das triest hotel vienna

Outfit with baseball jacket and ripped knee jeans

Arm party and ripped knee jeans

fashion blogger using instagram while on a photoshoot

fashion blogger argentina

ripped knee jeans

Fashion blogger casual outfit with baseball jacket

fashion blogger taking a picture

“Ripped knee jeans + Home away from home”

During my short trip in Vienna, I stayed at the beautiful Das Triest Hotel. We had a gorgeous room named “Stephansdom”, it had a huge terrace that you can see here with a view to the Stephansdom Cathedral. Gorgeous! And the room was as beautiful as the view! I wanted to take home the bathroom’s antique shower and the stripped sofa! You can check…

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In love with the final look of the box 💕🌸
making a box prettier 💕 #diy #flowers
Iconemesis phone case + Marenkruth notepad

Iconemesis phone case + Marenkruth notepad

marenkruth illustrations notepad and iconemesis iphone case

marenkruth illustrations and iconemesis phone case

Ok, the Iconemesis phone case is not really that new, but I still haven’t showed it to you… You might not believe this, but I took pictures of it a zillion times…and I did not like any of them! Gladly, I think it goes perfect with the beautiful with the Marenkruth notepad and postcard.

I love illustrations, really wish I could make some… but I’m not good at it. How cute is Fifi in the iphone…

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Outfit: Peter Pilotto for Target shirt

Outfit: Peter Pilotto for Target shirt

Outfit with Peter Pilotto for target shirt

view from das triest hotel in vienna

Fashion blogger in vienna wearing peter pilotto for target shirt

golden boots

beautiful view from das triest hotel in viena

argentinean fashion blogger wearing peter pilotto for target

Las week, I stayed at the Das Triest Hotelin Vienna… and out room had this gorgeous terrace. The moment I saw it, I knew it was a perfect spot for a photo shoot! The view was so beautiful!!! And the weather was incredible… I’m wearing shorts! And it was so sunny that I cannot even keep my eyes open! For this outfit I decided to wear my new Peter Pilotto for Target shirt that my husband…

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