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Im obsessed with this #photoshoot ! #rachelmcadams

Finally, here is a look inside the MBFW Berlin tent and what I wore for one of the shows. Actually, the one to which my husband/photographer was invited to. And as you might guess if you read the Bread & Butter post… I enjoyed the tent way more than the actual runway shows! Al Teatrowas giving away some delicious ice cream… and it was amazing! For real, one of the yummiest ones I ever had! If you…

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Outfit: Sheinside floral dress

Outfit: Sheinside floral dress

pastel pink outfit with floral dress

Sheinside floral dress

hm pastel pink coat

sheinside floral dress with v neck

Sheinside Beige Floral Split Sleeve V Neck Loose Dress

Anna dello russo hm blue clutch

Sheinside floral dress

Steve Madden pink studded flats

Beige floral dress from sheinside

Sheinside floral dress

Do you remember the Sheinside wishlist that I posted a few weeks ago? One of the things that was not there but I ended up ordering is this beautiful floral dress ! I also got a few other things that I will show you in the next posts. This was my first time ordering in Sheinside, and it went great! Not only did the things arrive super fast, but also everything fit and had the correct…

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Bread & Butter - Part 1

Bread & Butter – Part 1

During my trip to Fashion Week Berlin, I had the great opportunity to attend Bread & Butter! I know most people prefer runway shows, but for some reason I’m way more interesting in tradeshows. And I’ve been wanting to attend B&Bsince I was in college! I think tradeshows are way more interesting than runway shows… or maybe I’m just too critical of the runway! Nothing bugs me more than a blouse…

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Outfit: Watercolor blouse

fashion blogger argentina outfit

fashion blogger outfit with watercolor blouse hm

fashion blogger wearing water color blouse

primark sandals

zara baby blue handbag

fashion blogger outfit with watercolor blouse form hm

Oh my my my! This has to be the fastest post I ever made!!! Last saturday, while I was working on my computer… the charger broke! I immediately turned it off and kept the remaining battery for today to work on this post. I even had to pick the one post that I could fix and do in just a few minutes… Ambitious me started to work on a Bread & Butter one, but it was too long and required some…

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Inside The Weinmeister Hotel

Inside The Weinmeister Hotel

The weinmeister hotel room with zara handbag on top of the bed

The Weinmeister hotel berlin-mitte

The weinmeister hotel room

The weinmeister hotel table with samsung camera and dolce and Gabbana sunnies

The weinmeister berlin mitte hotel window with shoes

The Weinmeister hurts hotel room

hurts room bath tub

The weinmeister hotel room view

The weinmeister

There is something about these pictures that asked for a B&W look… I do not know if it is my mood right now, if you like my facebook page you might know that I’ve been having a huge tooth pain and even spent the last days with pain killers! Gladly this happened at the very end of my two week road trip! Or maybe, the B&W effect has something to do with the privacy meant inside a bedroom,…

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Outfit: Summer tourist

perfect summer tourist outfit for berlin

Fashion blogger wearing baby blue zara handbag and white blouse

swatch watch and berlin maybelline bracelet

berlin zoo

summer outfit with white vintage blouse and blue zara handbag

Berlin zoo

Fashion blogger at the berlin zoo wearing a summer tourist look

Novelstyle fashion blog wearing outfit with white vintage blouse

dolce vita golden sandals

summer outfit at the berlin zoo

baby blue zara handbag and golden sandals

european summer tourist outfit

Being from Argentina, I would not normally walk around the city on summer… it would be too unbearable, and would rather be at the pool or inside with the air conditioner on. But in Germany, summer is pretty cool! Not crazy hot, but enjoyable and perfect to make super cute summery looks without sweating like one would in Buenos Aires. If you follow Novelstyle on Instagram or Facebook,…

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Die Schwarz bar

The weinmeister berlin breakfast

Apple cake at the weinmeister hotel

Die Schwarz Bar breakfast

[left]Breakfast at Die Schwarz Bar[/left]
[right]The Weinmeister breakfast[/right]

Croissants at the weinmeister hotel

Die Schwarz Bar Berlin

During my stay in Berlin, I was lucky enough to have breakfast every day at Die Schwarz Bar in The Weinmeister Hotel. The location is beautiful, and very practical as I was staying at the Weinmeister Hotel! Also, the chairs are gorgeous! They have these super tall and oversized sofas that create a very private atmosphere. For breakfast we always ordered a tower,…

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Homemade Bagels

homemade Bagels with cream cheese

Homemade bagels

Bagels are not pretty common around here… so one has to start figuring out how to make them! After a little research, I found this homemade bagels recipe and to be honest, it was fun to make them… but they take pretty long! And they don’t get better with time. What I’m trying to say is, if you are close to a Panera Bread, just go there and skip this recipe :D But if you are craving some bagels…

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